Bahubali Kalakeya Kilikili Language Spoof with English Subtitles

by: Young Looks     Published on: 27 July 2015

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Description :

Small Effort made by us to entertain you all..Bahubali Kalakeya Kiliki Language Spoof..Actor - SureshDirector - GowthamCamera - RaghavendraSupported by ThapanOur Kalakeya tries to motivate and provoke his men for war against Bahubali. These are his words in English Attention! My soldiers, the battlefield is waiting for you. Grab your weapons and prove my soldiers are Ruthless. This land should become Graveyard. Let's make them all run for their lives and scream for help. Yes, Destroy their kingdom. Strengthen your arms to crush them all. Turn enemies to slaves or kill. Show them Hell Hell Hell.. Now it's time to Attack Attack... No MercyIf you are entertained then please LIKE, COMMENT and SHAREThank you for your support... Cheers