Baking A Cake For A Rat That I Found!

by: Garrett Watts     Published on: 31 December 2019

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Join me as I set out to bake a wild rat the perfect cake! This adventure sponsored by Lifesum: Download Lifesum for free and if you love the app and wanna go premium; get 30% off your 12 months subscription at am a bad cook and I know absolutely nothing of baking, but there is a hungry stray rat in my backyard that deserves a treat! Because just like humans, weird little animals deserve treats from time to time too! So join me as I set out on a mission to bake him the perfect cake! A mission that becomes way more of an adventure than I anticipated! Thanks to Shan Dodd and Chris Melberger!Shan: you're reading this I love you and thank you for watching the things I make.