Bank robbery fail: Man catches bank robber after spotting fake gun

by: ODN     Published on: 17 June 2014

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Subscribe to ITN News: Rowley disarmed a bank robber and chased him down the street in south London, and held him there until police arrived. Mr Rowley was at Lloyds Bank in Coulsdon when Andrew Fernandez suddenly burst in and waved a gun at the cashier. 47-year-old Andrew Fernandez was jailed for life for the attempted armed robbery in November last year. Report by Sarah Kerr.Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Google+: stories from ITN:Twin tornado tears through Nebraska town: scenes as Sicilian volcano erupts: of Kim Jong Un inspecting submarine: rescue of child kidnapped at knifepoint: 'pepper sprayed' by police in World Cup demo: lions show off ball skills at London Zoo: undercover footage reveals abuse at dairy farm: star's vow of chastity to support World Cup team: past time? The full body suit trend in Japan: Cup: Will the Amazon weather affect English game?! First Vine video from space shows sunset on ISS: captures man hitting roof in out-of-control lift: get int the WOrld Cup spirit with kick-about: plunge into Cliff Diving World Series:! Human remains found in crocodile: take over... phone store in Japan: invasion: Spies, secrecy and codewords: Red Arrows incredible D-Day display: 2013's Most Watched Videos: our Biggest Videos of All Time: