Battle across the Universe! Jiren Vs Broly (ブロリー Vs ジレン)

by: IKevinX     Published on: 31 May 2019

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NEW FIGHT FUSED ZAMASU VS JIREN (Better & Longer than this one) art commisioned by: @AashanAnimeArtHey guys! Sorry for refreshing. I was basically very displeased with the sound choices in the original version. Some sounds ended up too low. It lacked tuning. Also some OST choices were pretty bad. I believe it's MUCH better now. Headphones recomended!No Earrape I swear.List of changes:All the soundtracks used. Changed some of Goku's voice lines. Improved Broly's recording. Improved some effects at the end of the fight. (Broly's beam attacks to be precise) Added Broly's mouth blast from the side view. Added some impact frames. Fine tuned some screamingRerecorded after video message because the audio was pretty bad aswell. (Still need a new mic though)--OG Description--It's finally over. I wasn't sure this would ever get done. Over a month working on this, though a fair share was spent making the green screens for both of them.I made a community post last month asking for suggestions of locale. In this video you will see why.OST: M1409M1211A Fearsome Foe Dragon Ball Super OST Vol 2Heroic Battle Dragon Ball Super OST Vol 2Clash of Gods HQ Cover Big thanks to my greek friend Vasili for recording Broly's voice line with Vic at kamehacon!Drandosk from DBZ Green Screen Project For some of the GokuDarkwin17 for the remainer of #Goku and God Goku.Konstantinos Kosta & Yagalin for #JirenDivinityX for Base #BrolyAmir for the SSJ blue Aura (Here use for the Green/Red auras)Askon & Dbs sfx for Sound Effects