Because of You, SMS

by: Papito Kenshi     Published on: 07 February 2009

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Description :

this is the 1st video that I created it by myself. Actually it's from the my storyboard project. Then I make it into a video to make the viewers more understanding the story. By the way, the drawing is by eidUru. I wanna say sankkyu so much to her becoz help me in drawing for the my storyboard project. So, enjoy watching this simple video. Background musics: * Jesus - Gackt* A Great Success - FF7 * Costa de Sol-FF7 * Ahead On Our Way - FF7 * Operated Iron Beasts - FF7 Crisis Core * Nodokana Tokoro de - Gensoumaden Saiyuki * Because of You (ending song) - Kelly Clarkson (more)