Beginning Sauna Protocols for Detoxification Part 1 | Dr. Robert Cassar

by: Earther Academy     Published on: 04 November 2015

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Aloha all, Excellent video to watch if you are a NEW-BIE ! Here is a great video to watch if you have never been in the FIR sauna or have done any of the skin /pore cleaning/detoxing protocols. I have known Stanley and his father for almost half my life and I am 55 years old. His father Pedro has been working/creating/maintaining/repairing with me for over 25 years being the manager of our farm in California and Hawaii. The first time in the sauna is one of the best feelings when you finally remove billions of particles of toxicity and parasites that are living in all of us. These parasites live in the pores and on top of the skin. There is another set of creatures live below the skin we call body-fat. We show how to break these creatures down that live in toxicity and clogged bodies. If you follow the protocols of Terrain Modification you will see massive results from these protocols, practices and principles. Part 1 is to go over some of the basics of the Sauna. Dont be scared to give this a try. Most people do not want to do a sauna or a detox lifestyle because they think it is to hard to follow the protocols. One of the main reasons I have found out that people do not follow through with any of the these protocols is because they are confused about the protocols or is this really effective to detox and regenerate the largest organ of the body... THE SKIN ! Which weighs approx 10 pounds. Go to to see the basic protocols of G'washing on our private on line school. One of the smartest protocols anyone can follow and the easiest is to learn the skin/pores detox/rejuv protocols. We have put together 100's of essential super-foods and personal care products for you to upgrade your new life. All of the products are wholesale and these are the products I recommend. Be careful when you do buy product's off the internet because most of the products are not what you want. To really learn the variety of techniques that you can do is to practice these techniques and then practice and learn from our private school where we have over 250 private videos on many beginning-intermediate and advanced techniques, protocols, disciplines ideas, concepts etc to take your experience to the next level of detoxification and rejuvenation. Remember FLOW is EVERYTHING !!! Learn the ''Terrain Modification Principles'' is a must to live healthier in this world that is so dysfunctional and toxic. Everything in Life is all a ''Work in Progress''. You are what you ''eat, drink, say, hear and do'' so be conscious of that. En-joy :)) Dr r PS: The semi-private 21 day Terrain Modification Medically Supervised Retreats are open now on and off all year long. If interested in the Hawaii Adventure Health/Rejuvenation Retreats please contact [email protected] for available : Wholesale Superfoods and Essential Products for Health and Wellness. Free shipping on all new orders. We have hundreds of Optimizing Products on line with wholesale pricing.We are also Your ''DIRECT'' Internet DISCOUNT SUPERSTORE for RAW ORGANIC PLANT BASED GLUTEN FREE - SUPER FOODS and Essential Health Products. (Save up to 70% off Market Retail) Free shipping on orders over $99.00 and if you are a new customer you will receive ''FREE SHIPPING '' on any amount ordered! (in the continental USA) Canada is Now available for shipping) We also have 50% off shipping rates to Alaska and all of the Hawaiian Islands.Join our Student Digital School: up for our ''Free mailing list'' and receive the Intro to the''Earth'er Transformation Digital Workshop Series'' The information shared here is not on ''YouTube'' or other informative sites.This is a private learning website dedicated to:''Optimization of Health, Wealth and Happiness and Evolution.'' Discover our organized video playlists at our YouTube channel : 275+ Informative videos to watch and join our YouTube channel above YouTube/EarthShiftProject Be sure to check out my Blog at : DrRobertCassar.comEn-Joy your Journey !Dr.Robert CassarFounder of, Worldwide Community, EartherAcademy.comParticipants that come here to Hawaii to optimize, enhance and upgrade there body and mind. When is last time you really had a vacation for yourself ? Interested in being a participant in Hawaii : contact me directly [email protected] for dates/info