Blockbuster Video Has Become An Alaskan Tourist Attraction (HBO)

by: VICE News     Published on: 01 November 2017

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For many Alaskans streaming online is not a good option, so movie night means Blockbuster night. While the vast majority of Blockbusters in the U.S. have closed down, there are few still hanging on. Today, there are only 10 left in the entire country, and six of those are in Alaska. But the dark, long winters and sparse layout of Alaska allows Blockbusters to do pretty well, especially when Wifi is substantially more expensive than in other states.VICE News speaks with loyal customers at one of the last Blockbusters in the U.S. about why they love their old school movie night.Subscribe to VICE News here: out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.comFollow VICE News here:Facebook: videos from the VICE network: