Blood Rage - Arrow Video (1987) Blu Ray Unboxing Review

by: TheBluRayCritic     Published on: 12 December 2015

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Taking a look at the packaging while reviewing the 1980's horror slasher film Blood Rage on Blu-ray, released by Arrow Video. This movie was shot in 1983, but released in 1987 under the title Nightmare at Shadows Woods. This edition also features a brand new 2K remaster under the title Slasher. It's now called Blood Rage. This set also includes a Limited Edition re-cut of the film. A DVD version is also included.Todd and Terry are twins. They are blonde, cute, bright and identical in every respect, with one exception. One of them is a murderer. This starts one night at a drive-in theater when a teenager was slaughtered in the back seat of his car while his girlfriend watched. Todd is found guilty for the heinous crime and is locked away in an asylum.Years passed and Terry lives happily with his mother (Louise Lasser), who smothers him with enough love for two sons. All is fine until one Thanksgiving when they receive news that Todd escaped. Let the blood and gore begin!Director: John Grissmer Starring: Louise Lasser, Mark Soper, Marianne Kanter, Julie Gordon, Jayne Bentzen, Bill Cakmis, Dana Drescher, James Farrell, Ed French, William Fuller, Brad Leland, Gerry Lou, Chad Montgomery, Ted Raimi and Lisa Randall