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by: G K SAMY BOREWELL     Published on: 13 August 2018

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@G.K.SAMY BORE WELL @ Mobile Number : 9710206953Bore Well Services in Chennai. Find ✓Borewell Contractors, ✓Borewell Repair & Services, ✓Borewell Drilling Services, ✓ Borewell Drilling Cleaning Services,G.K.SAMY Bore Well ContacterAll types Bore done. (Drilling Bore)Size:5” to12” Bore done.Borewell Mission: Show Ring, Power Ring, Lot Ring, Air Compressor.Pipe only branded(Finolex, star, trubore).Extra:Botanic Powder and bubbles.Borewell work in choolaimedu chennai-94 contact me.Mobile number: 9710206953 that’s it. ******All Area bore done*****Thank you for watching.......Hi guys in tha bore 270feet no water.The bore well water is purer than fresh river or lake water. It will still have dissolved solids and salts and minerals. Some of the bore well water will be hard water. It is advisable to test the bore well water before drinking, if you have any doubts on its freshness.