Braveheart (1995) - Full Expanded soundtrack (James Horner)

by: ForceSoundtrack     Published on: 21 June 2018

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THE COMPLETE MOTION PICTURE SCOREDisc 100:00 Logo – Main Title03:38 Hanging Of The Peacemakers04:56 William’s Father Leaves To Fight05:56 A Father’s Final Return08:52 A Gift Of A Thistle10:33 Outlawed Tunes On Outlawed Pipes12:39 Royal Wedding/Domino Fidelium14:49 Grown Wallace Arrives16:08 Prima Noctes18:07 Wallace Courts Murron22:35 The Secret Wedding29:10 Attack On Murron32:12 Revenge (Extended Version)39:00 Murron’s Burial41:17 Wallace On The Move/Run To The Stronghold44:41 Making Plans/Gathering The Clans (Extended Version)46:54 Sons Of Scotland53:16 The Battle Of Stirling (Extended Version)59:34 Wallace Moves On York01:00:58 Wallace’s Dream01:03:08 Vision Of Murron01:05:06 The Princess Was A Pawn/Wallace Moves AgainDisc 201:07:42 Falkirk01:11:51 Betrayal & Desolation01:19:41 Mornay’s Dream01:21:00 The Legend Spreads01:22:11 The Fire Trap01:23:27 Romantic Alliance01:25:53 Wallace Is Caught01:27:36 The Princess Pleads for Wallace’s Life (Film Version)01:31:17 Wallace to the Scaffold01:32:36 “Freedom”/The Execution/Bannockburn01:40:02 End Credits01:47:16 For the Love of a Princess01:51:35 Scottish Wedding Music01:52:50 Drum Roll/Sleepy Maggy01:54:05 Main Title (Album)01:56:59 Sons of Scotland (alt.)02:03:20 The Battle of Stirling (alt. opening)02:05:27 The Princess Pleads for Wallace’s Life (Album)Composer: James Horner--℗ 2015 La-La Land Records. All Rights Reserved.