Building a 500 Horsepower Subaru BRZ Toyota FRS

by: Bermcannon     Published on: 04 September 2018

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Buy a T-shirt or two from my own featured collection at This will keep this channel running and you looking part of the Club. your a fan of my Videos and would like to support my story telling. level of support is welcomed and appreciated. L.A.SLEEVE intends for its BRZ to provide more than 500 horsepower out of a built and supercharged FA20. In issue #187, "Stop the Swap," we focused on the FA20 and why you should consider rebuilding one of these engines instead of performing a motor swap. While tuners have chosen to swap the 2.0-liter engines with everything from an LS to a 2JZ, and even a Ferrari 458 engine; we decided to stay loyal to the FA20. The goal is to build a complete, powerful BRZ that can not only reach the 500whp mark, but to also handle just as well. So, before starting on the engine, we turned our attention on the chassis, suspension, and brakes with the help of Peter Yeung at LMR Development to better handle the increased engine performance. THE GOAL IS TO BUILD A COMPLETE, POWERFUL BRZ THAT CAN NOT ONLY REACH THE 500WHP MARK, BUT TO ALSO HANDLE JUST AS WELL.engine block sleeves arrayOur dyno testing of a Club DSPORT built FA20 has shown that our goals are achievable when using a turbocharger. Now, we propose a supercharged 2.25-liter FA20 that is both powerful and durable.Staying GroundedFor any well-built demo-car, the goal is not to show how fast the car can go from 0 to 60 mph. The goal is to show how complete the car is. We will be increasing the engine power by almost three times that of stock, which means we had to lower the car's height to improve its center of gravity and improve transitional weight transfer rates under various racing driving modes. Whiteline MAXG were chosen for our coilovers. The MAXG offer 30-60mm height adjustment for both the front and the rear, allowing us to control the height for various racing needs. The coilovers feature a 44.5mm diameter damper bore, which eliminates bending due to the increased surface area loading. The extra width on the dampers strengthen the hardware, enabling them to withstand higher lateral forces during hard corners. This also comes with the benefit of heat-dissipation characteristics to keep the shocks performing reliably and consistently. Any support to keep the videos support go here official Baja Diaries merchandise visit official Baja Diaries merchandise visit