Building a Lightsaber in Galaxy's Edge is AMAZING!

by: Ordinary Adventures     Published on: 05 June 2019

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I built a lightsaber in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and my life has been forever changed because of it. I am so thankful I did the build a lightsaber experience at Savi's Workshop in Blackspire Outpost on the planet of Batuu. It might be my most favorite part of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge honestly. It can best be described as an almost religious experience for Star Wars fans.----Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our weekly adventures to theme parks, movie events, magic, tabletop and more.T-Shirts: love getting mail ✉️, if you would like to send us something please send it to: Ordinary Adventures, 8149 Santa Monica Blvd #191, West Hollywood, CA 90046Follow us on social media:* Peter* Kitra* Pixel * Gizmo