Car Seat Headrest - A Personal Memoir | Peering In

by: Hepyrian     Published on: 22 April 2018

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I didn't think I would return to Car Seat Headrest. I messed up that video the first time, and I thought that was it. However, when I listened to the new Twin Fantasy.. memories started flooding in. This isn't an analysis of Car Seat Headrest. This is my story. This is my personal memoirSOCIAL MEDIA Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: SONGS USED IN THIS VIDEO (Chronologically) Sean Intro v3 - Justin Cook2112- RushBeach Life in Death (2011)- Car Seat HeadrestBeach Life in Death (2018)- Car Seat HeadrestBreath of Being (Reprise) - Justin CookNervous Young Inhumans (2018)- Car Seat HeadrestSober to Death (2011)- Car Seat HeadrestBodys (2018)- Car Seat HeadrestFamous Prophets (Minds) - Car Seat HeadrestTwin Fantasy (Those Boys) (2018)- Car Seat HeadrestHepyrian- Justin Cook CHANNEL DESCRIPTION My name is Sean, Hepyrian online, and I do analytical video essays in the series called Peering In. These videos look into a work of art and explain what is inspirational and impactful about that piece. I'm an aspiring artist myself, and learning about these works in this way imporves my own work. I try to upload on a monthly basis, talking about film, video games, music, and more. If you're an art lover, you're in the right place. All footage and sound is used under Fair Use GuidelinesLove you Will