Car Seat Headrest - Disjecta Membra (Full Album)

by: 火山lamb     Published on: 08 December 2015

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Description :

Amazing album by the equally amazing Car Seat Headrest, sadly no longer available. Check out their other albums on bandcamp though, they're all great! Endpiece0:44 Please Mr Pilot3:53 2:246:50 The Hard Part10:27 Sound Man/Low Fidelity15:40 Napoleon (March Into Russia)21:45 Drunk On A Work Night23:07 Love Me Too Much26:33 Dream: Encounter On Smoke Mountain36:34 Sinner42:02 When Will My Man Come?48:59 Hi Life53:00 AC55:49 If Not, Then Oh Well1:01:47 Memories (Leonard Cohen Cover)1:07:20 KS1:13:54 Unfinished: Pain Star (If heaven is full of people...)