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by: M Nashir Uddin     Published on: 29 June 2014

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Human trafficking has reached epic proportions in the U.S. Living in a small town you just kind of go along with what you hear on television. There have been many films over the last few years that address the issue in different ways. There was the realism of "Human Trafficking" with Mira Sorvino and the action/revenge of "Taken" with Liam Neeson. I'm sure we all wish we had a certain set of skills like Neeson and wipe out the problem ourselves. That isn't reality and the problem is very real. Not only are immigrants forced into the trade, but women and children from our own country as well. "Cargo" is a little film that not really addresses the issue, it does take a stark, realistic look at a young Russian woman who is taken and being transported. Not my usual type of film but once I started watching it I was immediately invested in her horror and the world that she is unwittingly thrown in to.