Changeling Movie Review - DVD Movie, Blu-Ray

by: hotbutterdream     Published on: 20 December 2010

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Description : by Clint Eastwood. Changeling is a shocking true story about an abducted child and police corruption in 1920's Los Angeles.Single mother Christine Collins finds her 9-year-old son, Walter, missing when she returns home from work. She files a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department. This is at a time when LAPD is under attack by a pastor on his regular radio program claiming the force is corrupt and violent.When a boy in Illinois roughly matches Walter's description, the police jump on this opportunity to redeem their reputation.But once the boy arrives, Christine Collins knows he is not her son and tells the police. The police don't listen to her claiming the mistake is Collins not theirs.Collins situation goes from bad to worse until an honest detective takes the case and starts to solve the mystery of Walter's fate.Rated R. Available in DVD and Blu-Ray.You will find a variety of DVD and Blu-Ray movies you'd enjoy having in your DVD collection.Visit