Chhota Bheem KungFu Jump

by: Nazara June     Published on: 10 April 2017

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Description :

Chhota Bheem and Gang is in China after a chase to rescue Princess Indumati who has been captured by the villain Lok Cui and Chotta Bheem and team needs to jump up the lush green Jade mountains located in the Valley of Death. It is known as the place where the Jade Palace rests and is considerably high and surrounded by mist. The other address is approachable via stairs that is heavily protected. Save your falling friends in this collaborative adventure. Slash thru obstacles, Collect Coins and Save falling friends in this action packed adventure. Double tap the screen to activate the mega shield.Awesome PowerUps. - Grab the Rocket. - Get a Score Booster - Grab a Magnet - Start with the Mega Headstart - Open Mystery Boxes Tonnes of Missions and Challenges in this awesome adventure !