Chidi Mokeme in a love struggle

by: nollywoodbest     Published on: 03 October 2012

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Nollywood best seller....The game was a game of power,who ever wins the game controls....Two Political godfathers Kanayo O. Kanayo vs Enebeli Enebuwa struggles for political supremacy, who controls the State? who's Candidate will win the Elections, who becomes the godfather of the State? even as this struggle triggered a love affair between the daughter of one of the godfathers and her bodyguard after he saved her life in a shootout...Starring- Chidi mokeme, Kanayo.O.Kanayo, Enebeli Elebuwa, Queen Nwaokoye, Maureen Solomon, Emeka Okoro...Subscribe to our channel at us on Nig.Follow us on Http:,,