Chief Emeka Morocco Maduka - Ife Ego Neme - Nigerian Highlife Music

by: Kuulnomsy/Nigerian Highlife     Published on: 20 July 2017

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Chief Dr Emeka Morocco Maduka is the only highlife premier in the entire Igbo land today. He recorded his first album in 1971 entitled Agha Nigeria. His songs mostly appeal to mature minds, though many young minds now appreciate Highlife music more than before. In all, he has recorded more than 72 albums and some of his songs have powerful messages including Ochuba Aku, Ubanesse, Amuru Onye N’Ego, Nke Onye Metalu, Ozogidigbam, Uwa Ekwe Nmeta, Oma Nma, Eze Udene, Olu Oma Nwelugwo and so on. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel.