Cindy Sherman: Nobody's Here But Me, 1994

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New York based artist, Cindy Sherman, is famous for her photographs of women in which she is not only the photographer but also the subject. She contributed her own footage to this programme by recording her studio and herself at work with a Hi-8 video camera. It reveals a range of unexpected inspirations for her work from visceral horror to medical catalogs and exploitation movies and explores her real interests and enthusiasms.She shows an intuitive and often humorous approach to her images and reflects on the themes of her work since the late 1970s. She talks about her pivotal series the Sex Pictures in which she addresses the theme of sexuality in the light of AIDS and the arts censorship debate in the United States in the late Eighties and early Nineties.This film was originally broadcast by the BBC in the UK as part of the Arena series on 24th April 1994.