Clashing Colors - Quarantine

by: Clashing Colors     Published on: 01 January 2019

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Follow Us:Spotify: https://clashingcolorsofficial.comLead Vocal: Lili BabunskaGuitar: Oliver TevchevMusic: Lili BabunskaLyrics: Lili BabunskaArrangement: Temelko AndreevMix & Mastering: Temelko Andreevhttps://www.sidechainproduction.comLyrics:Ooh I decided...Did you hear the news?My darling...There is this thing that's been goin' on...A viral beat that is oh, so strong...It resonates in me like a gong...It's so contageous it's spreadin' on...And it's becoming my favourite song...I must have caught it from youWe both know that so much is true...Yeah, you know the traces go back to you...'Feeling so intense,Makes me dance makes me...Wanna ask myself,Is it cos of you?Oh tell me what should I think of you?Are you a gift?-or- are you a curse?-or- what are you?Whatever, I decided this song will be for youThis bittersweet sensationGives me hell and heavenSo won't you join me In quarantineEyes full of glitter...Oh man, the jitters it's givin' me...Like a card with a jingle...Opened my heart without reasoningWhen I sing it it's tickling...All of my tastebuds like seasoning...And leaves me cravin' some moreRead the words right off of my lips...And I am pretty sure that they'll move you...So heavy and so light,Loudly silent nightYou're my greatest height,On the down low I...Under my covers think you should hideAre you a gift?-or- are you a curse?I'll unwrap youIt's already decided this song will be for you