Clint Eastwood: Short Biography, Net Worth & Career Highlights

by: Celebrity Net Worth     Published on: 20 April 2017

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Complete article: American actor, film director and producer, composer, and television producer Clinton Eastwood Jr was born on 31 May 1930, in San Francisco, California, of British, Dutch and Irish descent. He is known widely for his acting in and directing of many successful films during a career now spanning six decades, including three so-called ‘spaghetti westerns’, the ‘Dirty Harry” series, and award-winning films including ‘Unforgiven'(1992) and “Million Dollar Baby”(2003).So just how rich is Clint Eastwood? Celebrity dot money estimates that Clint’s net worth is over 400 million dollars as of early 2017, the vast majority gathered from his prominent career as an actor, director and producer associated with over 80 films and TV productions since 1955.Clint was educated at Piedmont Junior High and Oakland Technical High Schools. He had a variety of jobs before becoming an actor, working as a lifeguard, grocery clerk, golf caddy, paper carrier and forest firefighter, before being drafted into the US Army in 1951 and appointed as a swimming instructor at Fort Ord in California. Clint survived when a military ‘plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean, and he and other survivors swam three miles (five kms) to shore. His military pay was the basis of his net worth.Eastwood’s first major television role was as Rowdy Yates in over 200 episodes of the western TV series “Rawhide” from 1959 to 1965, starting on $750 per episode, but receiving a payout of $120,000 when the series ended. He appeared in several uncredited parts in a number of movies over the same period, until in 1963 Clint starred in the Italian-made ‘spaghetti western’ entitled “A Fistful of Dollars”, played an anti-hero, signing an eleven week contract worth $15,000. The film proved popular enough to spawn two more movies entitled “For A Few Dollars More”, and “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, the last taking eight million dollars at the box office, very significant then, including for his net worth, and with which Clint formed Malpaso Productions. Clint Eastwood had certainly “arrived”.Clint’s first production was another western, “Hang ‘Em High’, a critical and commercial success, and then he starred in and wrote the score for the musical western “Paint Your Wagon” in 1969, with Lee Marvin and Jean Seberg. In the same year, he starred with Richard Burton in the war movie “Where Eagles Dare”, with a boost to his net worth of 750,000 dollars. Clint Eastwood has now been involved in a total of 80 films, as actor, director or producer – sometimes all three, with the vast majority successful at the box office if not critically acclaimed. The “Dirty Harry” (Callaghan) series of five films was particularly popular in the ‘70s, and films such as “Play Misty For Me” in 1971, to “American Sniper” in 2014 and nominated for Best Picture, have constantly kept him in the public eye. A few still manage to stand out – “Unforgiven”(1992) won him Oscars for Best Picture and Director, and for Gene Hackman Best Supporting Actor. “Million Dollar Baby” in 2003 also won him Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director, and a nomination for Best Actor. He has also directed Tim Robbins and Sean Penn in “Mystic River”, and Morgan Freeman and Hilary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby”, to Oscar wins. “The Bridges of Madison County” in 1995 with Meryl Streep was also a hit, as was “Jersey Boys” in 2014, based on the pop group The Four Seasons which he directed and co-produced, and Clint’s latest film is “Sully” released in 2016. In addition, Eastwood also directed “Mystic River” and “Letters from Iwo Jima”, both of which earned him Academy Award nominations.A lesser known fact is that Clint Eastwood is also a composer, and has written over 15 scores for his films, for such movies as “Million Dollar Baby”, “Flags of Our Fathers”, and “Grace is Gone” - the latter earned Eastwood a nomination for the Best Original Score, while the song “Grace is Gone” was nominated for the Best Original Song and won a Satellite Award for Best Song.The full article could be found in a link above.