Come with me to a swim meet

by: Joana Ceddia     Published on: 11 March 2019

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JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: you are in your kitchen. You want to get a glass of water, so you grab a cup, and open your freezer. You take out your ice tray, and dump a few pieces of ice intro your cup, but a singular piece of ice falls over the side of your cup and plugs to the floor. Since there was no one else in the kitchen, you kick the piece of ice under the freezer and get on with your life. But what happened to that piece of ice?You may think it melted and evaporated, but it indeed did not. That ice cube started a cult sub-freezer. Once it was able to create a portal to another dimension, it found more of its kind and is currently planning an attack. But don’t tell them I told you. Instagram: you want to translate the video: sub count: 1, 947, 158With love,Jeorge Clooney