Crazy Hercules Fan Theories That Change Everything

by: WickedBinge     Published on: 07 June 2019

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WICKEDBINGE - Subscribe! Hercules Fan Theories That Change EverythingHercules was a Disney movie that came from the tail end of the studio’s Renaissance Era. A story about a hero right out of Greek Mythology -- which, let’s be real, had some twisted stuff to begin with. So surely, some crazy theories would eventually come up. We're taking a look at the most CRAZY theories about Disney's Hercules that change everything. -----------------------------------►► DARK ALADDIN THEORIES►► DARK LION KING THEORIES►► DARK TOY STORY 4 THEORIES►► DARK NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS THEORIES US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: Over by Kyle JamesScript Written by Kennita LeonVideo Edited by Md Asad Al HossainMedia Gathered by Luka LelosevicResearch by Trixia SalongaProduced by Kyle J. BeauregardLogo designed by SmokeTheWater