Cyberpunk Documentary PART 1 | Neuromancer, Blade Runner, Shadowrun, Akira

by: Indigo Gaming     Published on: 02 December 2019

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Description :

Let’s take a journey back to the 1980’s and beyond, to discover the origins of the Cyberpunk movement, in literature, cinema, television, video games, comics and more! In this documentary miniseries, we will discover the wonders of Cyberpunk, dating back to the 1940’s, all the way through 1989, with each successive episode taking on a new decade.Co-written by Shalashaskka - The Origins of Cyberpunk4:14 - PROTO-PUNK4:58 - Philip K. Dick5:30 - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?6:25 - Colossus: The Forbin Project7:03 - Westworld8:53 - The Long Tomorrow, Métal Hurlant9:21 - 2000 AD, Judge Dredd9:51 - Early cyberpunk authors, where the term came from11:09 - FUTURE NOIR11:25 - Blade Runner18:49 - Syd Mead19:55 - TRON20:55 - Neuromancer24:55 - CHAIN REACTION25:20 - Cyberpunk, the tabletop game26:07 - Shadowrun29:08 - WarGames29:28 - Trancers29:56 - The Terminator31:02 - Blade Runner, the game32:04 - Max Headroom33:55 - RoboCop36:22 - RoboCop, the game36:45 - The Running Man37:38 - Bubblegum Crisis38:10 - Akira39:07 - VIRTUAL WORLDS39:21 - Snatcher41:50 - Neuromancer, the game43:52 - Cyberpunk as a genre, literary symposium—MUSIC CREDITSOutro music: ‘Flight Path’ by Kuedo music licensed through www.EpidemicSound.comYouTube Audio Library:‘Back Streets of Seoul’ by MK2‘Descent’ by Houses of Heaven‘Direct to Video’ by Chris Zabriskie‘Dreamer’ by DivKid‘Dreams Electric’ by Geographer‘Frequency’ by Silent Partner‘Lament Golden Light’ by Devon Church‘Mist’ by Odonis Odonis‘Virtual Light’ by Houses of Heaven‘Where Are My Clothes’ by The 129ers—FOOTAGE CREDITSB.A.T. footage by ankokumen | cyberspace gameplay by Crowley9 | footage by GoggleBoxFairy | MAME footage by bubufufu and Si0r: Runner, Tron and other art by Syd Mead: 3D artwork rendition by Rafael Moco:’s Edge gameplay by This... is MDCore—SOURCESGardner Dozois on Shadowrun | Runner convention | in Neuromancer |“Cyberpunk” term origin | Future of Human-Machine Communications: The Turing Test | and ecocide | I Wrote Neuromancer | Dream of Electric Sheep - WW2 influences | of Blade Runner |“Cyberpunks” by Timothy Leary |’s cyberpunk themes | Samurai Blog:http://street-samurai.blogspot.comWilliam Gibson early writing | Gibson interview (1991) | Long Tomorrow, Metal Hurlant’s influence to cyberpunk media Gibson's Neuromancer and Science Fiction Cyberpunk Cyberpunk Project Historical Timeline—DONATIONS ► CHAT ► ► ► ► ►