DAUNTLESS - How to *SUB 1-MINUTE* Heroic Behemoths | RNGsus - Week 3 Trials Champion!

by: Xploit     Published on: 22 July 2019

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RNGsus1234, shows us his *Secret* DPS hammer and chain blade builds that allow you to sub-1 minute Heroic Behemoths!After falling off the edge in the Week 2 Dauntless Trials Tournament, RNGsus comes back with a vengeance and wreaks havoc on all the heroic behemoths he faced! RNGsus slained Ragetail Gnasher, Frostback Pangar, and Rockfall Skarn all in under 1 minute! He then slained a Heroic Koshai in a mere 1:45 in order to become Week 3 Champion!Riftstalker Hammer Build: Chainblade Build (OP): to be in the next XFAM Dauntless Trial Tournament? Click on the Discord link below! All notification about future tournaments and ranked matches will be here!JOIN THE DISCORD (1,600+ MEMBERS): ME AS A CREATOR:PredaXploitFollow me on twitch: - - is a content creator focused on providing his community with guides, walkthroughs, playthroughs, exploits, and other instructional videos. To stay updated with video releases, click the subscribe button and the notification bell.If you enjoy the videos, remember to "like" them by clicking the thumbs-up button. This will help Xploit create more content for his community on all popular games!#dauntlesstrials #dauntlesschampion #dauntlessbuilds