Detoxification Tools In My Earther Kitchen | Dr. Robert Cassar

by: Earther Academy     Published on: 14 July 2014

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Detoxification Tools In My Earth Shift Kitchen - I am going to show you some of my Personal Essential Health and Wellness Tools in my kitchen and a short Mini Lecture.I did this video a few years ago, so I have added a few more of my getting started 21 personal recommendations in the description below.I have all of these fantastic products and I am going to show you my Earth Shift Kitchen to literally make 100's of great organic detox and rejuvenation recipes.Read more here: signup for our Newsletter please go here: Academy OnlineEarther Academy - https://EartherAcademy.comEarth Shift Products - Plus: The semi-private 21 day Terrain Modification Medically Supervised Retreats are open now on and off all year long. If interested in the Hawaii Adventure Health/Rejuvenation Retreats please see: you ready to change your life? We are ready to help you help yourself!Come join us in Hawaii to '' Rest your Body and MindEarth Shift Products - is Now available for shipping) We also have 50% off shipping rates to Alaska and all of the Hawaiian Islands. We now are shipping internationally. Join our Student Digital School:https://eartheracademy.comDiscover our organized video playlists at our YouTube channel : 275+ Informative videos to watch.En-Joy your Journey!Dr. Robert Cassar