Digital Teams in 2018: The New Landscape of Digital Engagement –Jason Mogus

by: Net2Van – Vancouver's #Tech4Good Meetup     Published on: 12 June 2018

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The state of digital teams inside our nonprofits often reflects deeper issues of culture and structure and how well adapted our institutions are to today's communications landscape. So what's going on with digital teams today? What team structures, roles, and behaviours are producing the best outcomes? Are we getting better at cross-silo and cross-channel communications? Are we set up to really deliver on the promise of digital engagement? Jason Mogus - Digital Teams in 2018: The new landscape of digital engagementPrincipal Strategist at NetChange ConsultingLinkedin: campaign and organizational change consultant been doing digital transformation for 22 years, his firm celebrates 25 years this summer helped shape some of today's most successful campaigns including tar sands / pipeline work, australia's biggest campaign, $10 a day childcare in BCWhat's interesting: lives on an island, is an obsessive walker; if you call him you'll likely hear the leaves crunching under feet Secret skill: weird sound effects and made up songs for his 8 year old