Dirty Harry in Sudden Impact - Theatrical Trailer - 1983

by: SantaCruzMovieTimes     Published on: 27 August 2011

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Dirty Harry is badass! Watching the movie is way kewl! But what was better is seeing Clint Eastwood around town and running up the downtown Pacific Garden Mall with his big gun waving around. What a site. Then he commandeered a mini bus full of old people downtown and drove off chasing the bad guy! Funny stuff! Lots of local spots including Positively Front Street, The OLD Pacific Garden Mall and lets not forget the Boardwalk where the bad guy gets shot on the Big Dipper and falls and gets impaled on a unicorn on the carousel merry go round 100 yards away! We need more fun movies filmed here! Check out Santa Cruz County Movie Times at: http://www.santacruzmovietimes.com