by: Victoria Lowe     Published on: 05 September 2018

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Hello everyone! Thanks for watching my tutorial on how to make your own lipstick!I have owned a cosmetic company by the name of Very Veelo Beauty for some time now and I decided to share with you guys-how I create my lipsticks-how I create my vegan base -how I create amazing shades with these easy amazing steps you too will be able to start your cosmetic/lipstick line. I am excited to see the shades that you guys come up with. Please Comment below some other shades/color that you guys would like for me to demonstrate in my next video.Be sure to check out my Updated lipstick base tutorial with an added preservative for shelf life 👉🏾 H O P-You guys can now purchase all of my matte liquid lipsticks now on my website at -D O N A T E- Donations are appreciated as I embark on this fantastic lipstick making journey with you! This will tremendously help me to keep delivering this amazing content and growing this channel Thank You in advance Cash App:$hairbyveeloPayPal: that I used:mini measuring spoons- When choosing any color additive when making your lipsticks with the intent to sell, all of your color additives (pigments, micas, lakes etc) must all be batch certified! I know in my video I mentioned purchasing from tkb, you still can but they sell their batch certified lakes only in larger quantities. I found an affordable company that sells Batch Certified color additives in smaller quantities and also at a more affordable rate! Here is their website: this video I used the Color additives below:Titanium Oxide (White)- Oxide FD&C Blue Alum Lake (batch certified)FD&C Red 40 Alum Lake (batch certified)Waxes/Oils/Products-Carnauba Wax - Wax- oil- oil- Almond oil- Oil- Remix- ml syringe- Foot Lip Gloss bottles- purchased all of my mixing glass bowls and condiment bottles from dollar treeVideos to Watch:How to make Chicago Black Color: Green Color: Bright Red Color: Dark blue color- Wine Red lipstick color: to make your own Lipstick Base Revised with Preservative: to Create your own lipstick bottom label tags: to Create your own lipstick label / logo: me on Instagram: @very_veeloBusiness Inquiries: Email [email protected]