Dogs being dragged to shower one by one

by: 소녀의행성GirlsPlanet     Published on: 19 August 2019

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This video is sponsored by Pethroom'Pethroom' Official page #retriever #welshcorgi #dogshower #shampooDog shampoo shower reviewPlease enjoy♥-Come visit Girl's Planet Instagram ♥ visit Girl's Planet Facebook ♥🐇ProfileFirst born💕Name : SonyeoSex : FemaleBreed : Labrador Retriever (Large-sized)Birth date : February 23rd, 2017Characteristic : Smart yet dumb, troublemakerHobby : Collector of latest “in” toys, human clothes, and shoesSecond born💕Name : HangseongSex : Female Breed : Pomeranian (Small-sized)Birth date : October 25th, 2017Characteristic : Starts whining as soon as something doesn't suit her(and seems to never change her mind)Hobby : Annoying SonyeoThird born💕Name : UjooSex : FemaleBreed : Welsh CorgiBirth date : Assumed to be December 2018, Birthday May 26th (We chose the day she became our family as her official birthday)Characteristic : She makes a mess but is oblivious to her angry momHobby : 🌈She steps on poo(and I hope she’ll change)🐇Business🐰I don't reply to questions about dogs, please understand🐰🐶Please think twice before you adopt your pets🐶