Dr Creflo Dollar : Knowing God #Word #Conference#GloryofHisGrace2019 HOTR

by: Soar Tv     Published on: 06 April 2019

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Dr Creflo Dollar : Knowing God #Word #Conference#GloryofHisGrace2019 HOTRIf you still feel that God is the one punishing you, making you sick then you have a wrong impression about God. Your impression of God have to be in line with the covenant of grace. The way you think will determine how you feel and the way you feel determines the actions you take.If you are going to trust a person you are having a relationship, the trust does not come immediately. It comes from knowing the person. When you know God you will trust Him, when you trust Him you will rely on Him.#WC2019 #GloryofHisGrace