Drop Acid & Butter Baste Steaks | Matty Matheson | Just A Dash | EP 4

by: MATTY MATHESON     Published on: 13 November 2019

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Description :

ALRIGHT YOU FREAKS!!!! ITS WEDNESDAY AND ITS A NEW JUST A DASH!!!! THE PERFECT STEAK AND SALAD A MEAL OLD AS TIME LIKE THE WIND AND FALLING LEAVES TOGETHER FOREVER! I HOPE YOU LEARN HOW TO COOK STEAK AND DRESS A SALAD PERFECTLY!!!! REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE COMMENT AND TELL ALL YOUR BUDDIES!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL 🤗 Meat Company shops are open 24/7 and sell fresh cut meat from vending machines. All of the meat is sourced from whole animals raised without added hormones or antibiotics by farmers who are committed to their well-being. Find Applestone stores in Stone Ridge and Hudson, New York. More info here: