Dropping during work-time - Horse letting his penis hang out

by: About horses     Published on: 04 September 2013

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There is an interesting link in the description for those who are interested. Horses drop when they have to pee or when they are relaxed. Normally no Horse will walk with his penis down and flapping around, and when it happens....Dropping means that a horse drops his penis while he is at work. Dropping during the work should be a clear sign for every trainer and rider that something is wrong.It is always a bad sign and tells us that he is mentally confused and that is caused by humans. No male horse will drop or have an erection during the work.Its a small mistake in training, you see it many times in clicker training or food focussed training. The Horse gets fed after he shows the wanted behavior, but he can not figure out what the human trained is really doing. That is what causes the dropping during work. For stallions its is more normal to drop, they use the penis to masturbate but normally not in the neighborhood op people. If it is because you are a woman and activated the sexual need then there is something to work on! Its very dangerous, and a stallion who wants to mate a human can cause bad damage.As soon as the stallion is getting sexual interested, which is not normal and very unhealthy you should correct that.Snap the Horse out of the situation and walk him, that will help in most of the cases. Imagine what happens when a horse jumps at you, that is very dangerous. Because if he jumps at you and gives his 'love bite' in the neck the chance of being badly injured is big.For geldings it always means a mental unbalance, be aware of that and watch careful what your horse does. It is sad for a gelding to walk with an erection, its not good. They only drop when they are standing still and are relaxing or when the have to pee. Sometimes you see a gelding half way dropped and even then it is a sign of confusion. In all other circumstances there is something wrong. Remember when it happens in your performance, or during dressage or jumping people will laugh because its a trainers mistake. When it happens at dressage competition with a stallion, you will be eliminated because the horse is not concentrated and not in balance.Another link