DVD and Bluray Update 09.13.2015

by: mrparka     Published on: 13 September 2015

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VHS1. Burnt House (Recommended) 2. Anthropophagus 2000 Blurays3. White God4. Symphony in Blood Red5. Hologram Man (recommended)6. Mortituris7. Bride of Re-animator 8. Split Second 9. Extreme Jukebox10. Cub11. Truck Tucker12. Deranged (recommended) 13. More Dead Than Alive14. Boys in the Band, the 15. Sabata16. River’s Edge17. Editor, the 18. Metamorphosis / Beyond Darkness 19. Tepepa 20. Ghosthouse/ Witchery 21. It Follows (recommended) 22. Wyrmwood (recommended) 23. Don’t Look Now (been awhile) 24. Eating Raoul (recommended) 25. My Name is Nobody26. Ghost Town (worth a look) 27. Gun Woman (recommended) 28. Samurai Avenger Blind Wolf (not a fan) 29. Hardcore Collection (recommended) 30. Der Todesking (recommended) 31. Angst (recommended) DVDs32. Man-Eater 2000 Deluxe 33. Little Erin Mayweather34. Evil Feed35. Flowers (recommended) 36. Dead Inn (been awhile) 37. Maps to the Stars 38. Adult World 39. Inherent Vice rental copy40. Once Upon a Time in America (been awhile) 41. Run Both Cuts (recommended)42. Liquid Sky 43. Anthropophagus 2000 44. People Under the Stairs (recommended) BLURAY45. Normal (recommended) 46. Blood Slaughter Massacre (not a fan) 47. Tantrum (recommended) 48. Revenge is Her Middle Name (recommended) 49. Future Justice (worth a look) 50. Visceral: Between the Ropes of Madness (recommended) 51. Book: 150 Movies You Should Die Before You See52. 4:44 Last Days on Earth53. Deadgirl (recommended) 54. Unidentified55. Lonely Place to Die56. Grabbers (recommended) 57. 2103 The Deadly Wake 58. I-Lived (worth a look) 59. Blood Punch (recommended) 60. 8mm (been awhile) 61. Death-Scort Service (recommended)