DVD/Blu-Ray/VCD Update(10/23/2018)

by: DVDBluRayOpeningPreviewLover1991     Published on: 23 October 2018

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Incase You Guys Haven't Seen That One Announcement Video( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQzAETV6wqs ), I Do Not Accept Any Requests On Any Openings/Closings Anyomre, Anyways.... Here Are The DVD/Blu-Ray/VCD Updates For 10/23/2018, And With All The Discs I Have Here Recently:DVDs1. Eight Is Enough: The Complete First Season(1977) Printed In 2012.2. Roseanne: The Complete Seventh Season(1994-1995) Printed In 2013.3. Roseanne: THe Complete Eighth Season(1995-1996) Printed In 2013.4. Comedy Double Feature(1988-1992) Printed In 2011, Consists Of:a. Big Business(1988)b. Straight Talk(1992)5. Eight Below(2006) Printed In 2006.6. Old Dogs(2009) Printed In 2010.7. The Hateful Eight(2015) Printed In 2016(Canadian DVD Copy).8. Bob der Baumeister: Bobs fleißige Helfer(2004) Printed In 2004(German DVD Copy).9. Bob der Baumeister: Bauhof Helden(2005) Printed In 2005(German DVD Copy).10. Bob der Baumeister: Abenteuer auf der Ritterburg(2004) Printed In 2004(German DVD Copy).Blu-Rays:11. Oz: The Great And Powerful(2013) Printed In 2013(UK Blu-Ray Import).12. Broken City(2013) Printed In 2013(Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack).13. RV(2006) Printed In 2006.14. Curse Of The Golden Flower(2006) Printed In 2007.15. Gross Anatomy(1989) Printed In 2011.16. Total Recall(1990) Printed In 2015(Reprinted In 2018)(Retro VHS Slipcase Design).VCDs:17. Airplane(1980) Printed In 1995.18. The Power Of Kangwon Province(1998) Printed In 2005(Chinese VCD Copy/HK VCD Import).19. Miami Vice(2006) Printed In 2006(Chinese VCD Copy/HK VCD Import)(Disc #2 Is Missing From This Copy, Though Collectable As Is).20. Snakes On A Plane(2006) Printed In 2007(Chinese VCD Copy/HK VCD Import).21. Rocky(1976) Printed In 2001(Reprinted In 2003)(Chinese VCD Copy/HK VCD Import).