DVD Movie Collection Show & Tell Update #18 - FREEZE - May 2014

by: Aaron Freeze     Published on: 07 May 2014

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I made it over 1200 & still many many to go.I showed 84 DVDs but will only count 83(I swapped my copy of Killer Klowns From Outer Space from a prior vid for a triple feature containing it) with a lot of them being multi feature or multi DVD sets.Thanks for watching & toughing through it.The lighting is off again & the room is a work in progress.DVDs shown in no particular order: 1151- SWAP Triple Feature(Spaceballs,The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai,Killer Klowns From Outer Space),1151- Father Hood,1152- Flight Of The Living Dead,1153- See No Evil,1154- 4 Films(The Freshman,Wholly Moses!,Vice Versa,A Fine Mess),1155- Forrest Gump,1156- Double Feature(Strange Invaders,Invaders From Mars),1157- The Deer Hunter,1158- Double Feature(Signs,The Village),1159- Glory Daze,1160- Triple Feature(Smokey And The Bandit 1-3),1161- Double Feature(Loverboy 1989,Lucky Seven),1162- 4 Films(Superman 1-4),1163- 4 Films(Which Way Is Up?,Brewster's Millions,Car Wash,Bustin' Loose),1164- Double Feature(Teen Witch,The Heavenly Kid),1165- Triple Feature(Against All Odds,Jagged Edge,Starman),1166- 4 Films(Leprechaun 1-4),1167- 4 Films(Two Weeks Notice,The Lake House,In Love And War,Practical Magic),1168- Unknown(2005),1169- Close Encounters Of The Third Kind,1170- Triple Feature(Senseless,Underclassman,Ride),1171- Cedar Rapids,1172- Triple Feature(Death Wish,Escape From Alcatraz,Uncommon Valor),1173- Triple Feature(Beverly Hills Cop 1-3),1174- Idle Hands,1175- Let's Go To Prison,1176- Triple Feature(Rush Hour 1-3),1177- Triple Feature(The Karate Kid 1-3,The Next Karate Kid),1178- House Of 1000 Corpses,1179- Just Go With It,1180- Get Smart(2008),1181- Triple Feature(El Mariachi,Desperado,Once Upon A Time In Mexico),1182- Santa's Slay,1183- This Means War,1184- Robin Hood Men In Tights,1185- Double Feature(Homeward Bound 1 & 2),1186- Black Dog,1187- Hesher,1188- Double Feature(Kelly's Heroes,The Dirty Dozen),1189- Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty,1190- Triple Feature(Bachelor Party,Back To School,Weekend At Bernie's),1191- The Postman,1192- Losin' It,1193- Wayne's World,1194- American History X,1195- Double Feature(The Dukes Of Hazzard,Starsky & Hutch),1196- Sister Act,1197- Double Feature(The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2 Remakes),1198- Old School,1199- Leprechaun In The Hood,1200- 4 Films(Liar Liar,Bruce Almighty,Happy Gilmore,Billy Madison),1201- Jumper,1202- 4 Films(The Last Boy Scout,16 Blocks,Last Man Standing,The Whole Nine Yards),1203- 4 Films(Tango & Cash,Demolition Man,The Specialist,Over The Top),1204- Reefer Madness,1205- Cliffhanger,1206- 4 Films(A Nightmare On Elm Street 1-4),1207- Triple Feature(The Beach,The Man In The Iron Mask,William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet 1996),1208- Starship Troopers,1209- Triple Feature(Benny & Joon,Edward Scissorhands,From Hell),1210- Nothing But Trouble,1211- Iron Man 2,1212- Interview With The Vampire,1213- Take Me Home Tonight,1214- Armored,1215- Triple Feature(Platoon,Dances With Wolves,Windtalkers),1216- Paper Heart,1217- 4 Films(Lethal Weapon 1-4),1218- Blazing Saddles,1219- 4 Films(Space Cowboys,Honkytonk Man,Every Which Way But Loose,Any Which Way You Can),1220- RV,1221- Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist,1222- 4 Films(The Amityville Horror 2005,Child's Play,The Last House On The Left 1972,The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2),1223- 4 Films(Flipper 1963,The Amazing Panda Adventure,Shiloh,Duma),1224- 4 Films(Seven,Heat,Insomnia,Devil's Advocate),1225- 4 Films(My Best Friend Is A Vampire,Repossessed,Slaughter High,Silent Night Deadly Night 3),1226- Sky High,1227- Triple Feature(Cyborg,Death Warrant,Double Impact),1228- Double Feature(Kicking & Screaming,Big Fat Liar),1229- Hot Rod,1230- Triple Feature(Twins,Junior,Kindergarten Cop),1231- In The Line Of Fire,1232- 4 Films(Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,Dirty Work,Married To The Mob,Men At Work),1233- The Green Mile