Ecoboost Mustang vs. WRX vs. FRS vs. Fiesta ST – Greatest Hits? – Everyday Driver

by: EverydayDriver     Published on: 04 June 2015

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Ford’s Ecoboost Mustang brings Turbo Charged 4 cylinders back to the Mustang lineup and offers a lot of performance for around $25,000. But, there are a lot of great performance cars available for similar money. So we brought along the Subaru WRX, the Scion FRS, and Ford’s own Fiesta ST to put our favorites against each other and see how the EcoBoost deals with the competition.Subscribe for Weekly Videos on Thursdays! If you'd like to help us do more films and go more places, become a "Car Debate" Audio Podcasts is every Tuesday here: Also on Stitcher or wherever you find Podcasts - Join us: us: