Edan - Primitive Plus (Full Album)

by: GATSS UK     Published on: 10 May 2015

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1. "83 Wildin"2. "One Man Arsenal"3. "Humble Magnificent"4. "Migraine (Almighty Dust Mix)"5. "Key Bored"6. "Emcees Smoke Crack"7. "#1 Hit Record"8. "Syllable Practice (Original)"9. "Good Evening"10. "Rapperfection" (featuring Mr. Lif)11. "Mic Manipulator"12. "Primitive Plus"13. "You Suck" (featuring Father Time)14. "Run That Shit!"15. "Ultra '88 (Tribute)"16. "Syllable Practice (12" Version)"17. "A.E.O.C."18. "Sing It, Shitface"Bonus track at the end suckaaa.