Enemy Territory (1987) VHS

by: Brian Donnelly     Published on: 07 March 2018

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Description :

**Reupload to correct a sync issue***The guy who wrote the Ghostbusters theme stars in this gem about gang violence. VHS FOREVER!!---[from the jacket]Ray Parker Jr. (singer/composer of the smash hit "Ghostbusters") and Gary Frank (Emmy Award winner for TV's "Family) fight for their lives in this violent survival drama set in a New York City housing project. As the sun goes down, the tenants of Lincoln Towers lock their doors and pray. For now their building is ruled by a savage gang called the Vampires. When the pack goes after an insurance salesman (Frank) and the telephone repairman who tries to help him (Parker), the hunted pair's lives depend on a courageous old woman, her tough teenage granddaughter, a crazed war veteran (Jan-Michael Vincent) and a savvy youngster who claims he has an escape route. But the Vampires are closing in, and the night is very long when you're trapped in the most dangerous place on earth--ENEMY TERRITORY.