Extremely Tingly ASMR (4K)

by: Jojo's ASMR     Published on: 12 April 2019

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Description :

The ULTIMATE 1 hour long ASMR sound assortment video in 4K using the Blue-yeti, 3DIO and Tascam to help you tingle and fall asleep. Enjoy.Trailer: 0:00Intro: 1:05Sound Boxes: 2:05Mic Beanie on the Yeti: 10:00Little BIrd's Pillow: 15:10Eraser Case Mouth Sounds: 17:12Teeny Tiny Snips: 19:51 Nails on the mic 23:00 3DIO Simulated Scalp Massage 27:00 Nails on the mic 31:40 Shaving Cream 3DIO 33:25 This is tingly lol 35:34 Lotion Ear Massage 38:00 Tascam Mic Beanie 40:49 Pom poms 43:00 Finger Tapping on the mics 45:00 Tapping 47:43Little Bird's Pillow 49:30 Eraser Sounds 50:30 Claws on the mics 52:55Instagram: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***Please check out these content creators who inspire me!Gibi ASMR: Glow: Design ASMR: Darling: Dove ASMR: ASMR: ASMR: Kitten’s ASMR: ASMR: ASMR: Feather ASMR: ASMR: Fox ASMR: ASMR: