Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg runs circles around the Senate (The 3:59, Ep. 384)

by: CNET     Published on: 11 April 2018

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Starts @ 2:36 before the editTalking about regulations, ads and Cambridge AnalyticaCNET's Zuckerberg coverage: Day 2 here: morning from CNET NY Studios while we record the daily news-bite podcast: The 3:59. Hangout while we cover a multitude of stories from around the tech world and then the CNET staff will take your questions and comments in the chat.Watch more episodes of 3:59 on Youtube: to the audio podcast:iTunes: Play: Echo: to CNET: more CNET videos: CNET on Twitter: CNET on Facebook: CNET on Instagram: CNET on Snapchat: CNETsnap