Faithfulness 2 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Ghanian Ghallywood Movie

by: Jikofa Anelakavo     Published on: 23 November 2015

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Description :

This Nigerian Nollywood movie is about a succesfull man KEN (Saint Obi) achieving a doctorate degree in Harvard university what was left for was to pick a wife . Two good friends Brenda and Sabina suddenly grew apart, no one knew why. could it be cause of their son, find out in this masterpiece.. Starring; Clarion . Watch part 1 if you haven't (Faithful Betrayal) ..Love and betrayal, a man heartbroken by the people he trusts so much..Watch this . The story of an unfaithful husband who planned to spend the weekend with His Facebook girl friend while his wife thinks he is at Abuja. He soon enter into a big .