Final Part Battle for the Universe! Jiren Vs Fused Zamasu(合体ザマスVSジレン )

by: IKevinX     Published on: 16 August 2019

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Description :

Watch Part One Before watching this one! is the longest one yet. If you add up with the first part I think we can manage an entire episode. Credits: (I might have missed something)@DokkanAssets on Twitter. Those sprites were a huge huge help to kickstart Zamasu. for Jiren Green Screen Kosta aswell and DBS Sound Effects Voice Clips for Zamasu and Jiren Birth of Merged Zamasu DBS OST Vol. 25 Disc set, disc 5 11(G)M1714A + M1714BPokeMixr Moro theme : Battle DBS OST Vol. 2Limit Break DBS OST Vol. 2Chozetsu Dynamic! (Hero Version) DBS OST5 Disc set, disc 5 11(A)M1628D#Jiren#Zamasu#DBS