FIRST VICTOR! Ouroboros 100% by Viprin & More

by: rori     Published on: 28 July 2019

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I am in complete shock. I honestly can’t believe I’m writing this description right now. I am so grateful to all that supported me. Also I did play about 2k attempts on a layout remake of ouro the day before the level was released, the attempts are all real and prepractice attempts are accounted for in the 4.5k.(In total it only took me 4 days which is still the fastest.)Raw Footage: ( I apologize for no clicks, all future videos will have clicks don’t worry.)Profile Picture by Huseey: ~ 8/10Difficulty ~ 10/10Attempts ~ 4,511 (2k prepractice + 2.5k after release)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------► Discord Server @► GD Account: Roria► Steam @► Twitch @► Twitter @