From High to Low #3 - The "Narrow Margin" shoot-out and chase

by: Stunt Fan     Published on: 09 August 2017

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Description :

I had to remove the "Bad Ass 2" version due to Fox blocking the video in THE ENTIRE WORLD...Third video: the shoot-out and SUV/helicopter chase from NARROW MARGIN (1990) and all the low-budget movies that reused it.1. NO TOMORROW (1999)2. CRASH POINT ZERO (2000)3. MINDSTORM (2001)4. TIME LAPSE (2001)5. BAD ASS 2: BAD ASSES (2013) -Lazer Nitrate LLC, 2013- [not shown]NOTE: I cut the sequence down to the crucial parts. I know there's more footage than that, but if I had used the entire sequences, this video would probably 30 minutes long, maybe even 60.