Fullmetal Alchemist VS Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Part 1 | Comparing FMA's Anime and Manga

by: Lowart     Published on: 11 November 2018

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FMA VS FMA:B time, folks. Let's compare the manga and anime.What an exciting time it shall be.Support me on Patreon: me on Twitter: me on Twitch: other Fullmetal Alchemist video I mentioned: Stamps:00:00:00 - Introduction00:01:22 - Part 1.1: Opening Moments00:04:16 - Part 1.2: Liore00:08:17 - Part 1.3: A Problem of Structure00:13:05 - Part 1.4: Oh Mama! (A Failed Human Transmutation)00:18:37 - Part 1.5: 2003 Makes a Mistake00:21:34 - Part 1.6: The Battle on the Train00:26:41 - Part 1.7: The State Alchemist ExamBackground Music (in order of use and by section):Introduction- Lullaby for Resembool - from BrotherhoodPart 1.1- The Way Back - from 2003- Dark Clouds - from 2003- Main Theme - The Fullmetal Alchemist - from BrotherhoodPart 1.2- Unrest - from 2003- Mortal Sin - from BrotherhoodPart 1.3- Hum of the Streets - from Brotherhood- Overture - Brotherhood - from Brotherhood - Lurking - from BrotherhoodPart 1.4- Sorrowful Stone - from Brotherhood- Memories - from 2003- Taboo - from 2003- Brothers (instrumental) - from 2003Part 1.5- Pathetic - from 2003- The Atonement - from 2003Part 1.6- Patriotism - from 2003- Courageous Fight - from 2003- Title - from 2003Part 1.7- Fanfare for the Brave - from Brotherhood- Warmth - from 2003- Heart of Steel - from 2003I edited the intro, part 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, and also placed all the music. However, Chris the editor edited the video for all the other sections! He did an awesome job. Check out his Youtube channel here: of my pinned comment:Hey there, folks! Thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it.I want to take a second to explain why this video took so long to make (especially for those who have seen my old FMA series and who waited patiently for this one). Basically, I was right on track to get this done within a couple weeks of the date I mentioned in my update video for the old FMA series, but then my computer broke. Unfortunately, the repair took nearly two months (even though I was told by the repair place that it would take a month at the longest), and I had no other computer I could use that would let me do any editing. While Chris the editor still edited certain sections of this video, I wanted to make some sections myself and to add in all the audio myself as well. This meant that I waited a long time for the computer to get back to me, but now that it's here there will be no more breaks anywhere near this length of time. The next part should definitely be out within a month, but I am aiming to get it out within a couple weeks.And some of you might have noticed that this is different than what I said it would be. By that I mean that, in my update video for the old series, I said that I would go through the old videos, re-edit small chunks, and put it all together into one long video. However, as I went through the old parts, I realized that they were so incredibly variable in terms of quality of scripting, editing, audio, and presentation that I either had to redo it all or just leave it as is. So I chose to redo it all, tweaking the whole script, re-recording everything, cutting out repetitive sections, and streamlining the whole thing. I have also moved certain section around. For example, one part that was in the fourth video of the original series is in this section, despite the fact that the rest of it covers material from parts 1 and 2 of that series. I have used this opportunity to discuss some of the most major problems people had with this video. One of those is that some people felt that I didn't treat the manga as its own thing enough of the time, that I too often conflated it with Brotherhood. I agree, and I am adjusting this redo accordingly. Another change is that I have taken much more care to make the background music be in line with whatever I'm talking about and to use different tracks, as to stop the music from getting too repetitive. All of the music used is in the description, for anyone who is curious about which piece is which.Of course, all of this is to say that, as you can already tell, this redo will not be one part of old material and then new material immediately afterword. My plan is to continue this redo with approximately 30 to 40 minute long episodes, then to move right into the new material. As I have many notes written out and have made a lot of progress on the new videos, there should be no breaks like those that plagued the old series of videos. Thank you for your patience and understand with all this. You're the best. I hope that this video was worth the wait.