George Michael - Waiting For That Day ( You Can't Always Get What You Want )

by: Mario Skylight     Published on: 02 January 2009

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George Michael - Ladies & Gentlemen ( The Best Of George Michael )So every day I see you in some other faceThey crack a smile, talk a whileTry to take your placeMy memory serves me far too wellI just sit here on this mountain thinking to myselfYou're a fool boyWhy don't you go downFind somebodyFind somebody elseMy memory serves me far too wellIt's not as though we just broke upIt's not as though it was yesterdayBut something I just can't explainSomething in me needs this painI know I'll never see your face againC'mon nowI've got to be strong nowNow everybody's talking about this new decadeLike you say the magic numbersThen just say goodbye toThe stupid mistakes you madeOh my memory serves me far too wellDon't you know thatThe years will come and goSome of us will change our livesSome of us still have nothing to showNothing babyBut memoriesAnd if these woundsThey are self-inflictedI don't really knowHow my poor heart could have protected meBut if I have to carry this painIf you will not share the blameI deserve to see your face againC'mon nowYou don't have to be so strong nowCome backCome back to me darlingI will make it worth your whileCome back to your babyI miss your kissI miss your smileSeems to me the peace I search to findAin't going to be mine until you say you willDon't you keep me waiting for that dayI know, I know, I knowYou hear these words that I sayYou can't always get what you want.