Ghosts of Disneyland

by: Fastpass Facts     Published on: 31 October 2016

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Please watch: "Top 5 Facts about Disneyland Main street electrical parade" doesn’t love Halloween? It’s the spookiest time of the year! We love the decorations, the candy and of course the costumes! But one of the creepiest things we all love about Halloween is ghost stories, so by popular demand Fastpass Facts brings to you… *Ghosts of Disneyland* (creepy voice only for this part) Let’s start in Tomorrowland and go over to Space Mountain to meet Mr. One Way. This is one of the most known ghost stories of Disneyland. Legend has it that Mr. One way was a man who died during the ride in the 70s. Supposedly he will get in the cars with the single riders and interact with them, but before the ride ends he disappears. He is also believed to hang out in the women’s locker room. People who have seen him claim he is a large man with red hair and a flushed face. This makes you think twice about going alone to Space Mountain doesn’t it? Now, this wouldn’t be a complete ghost video without talking about a ghost in everybody’s favorite ride right? We’re talking about the Haunted Mansion of course! We all know that it has 999 happy haunts, but it also has some real ones! And today we’ll talk about one of them. But to do so, we’ll tell you the story first. There was a young boy who loved the ride. This boy unfortunately died young and his mother asked Disneyland for permission to scatter his ashes inside the ride. Disneyland refused of course, but the mother didn’t listen and did it anyway. People say that they have seen him trying at the exit of the mansion. Isn’t that creepy?Now let’s go over to main street, there have been sightings of a woman dressed in a 19th century shite gown. Legend says the she dies on property in the early 1900s but she never moved on. People say that she guides lost children to the Disneyland Baby Center where they can be reunited with their parents. Isn’t that nice? And now for our favorite ghost story of all… Disneyland’s fire station… And guess who is roaming Walt’s department! Walt himself! And we all know that Walt’s light is always turned on, but do you know why? The story goes that before the tradition of keeping the light turned on began, a cast member was cleaning Walt’s department and when she was done, she turned off the light. She went out and turned around to see that the light was turned on again. She went back and turned it off but before she left the room the light turned on again and she hear a voice that said “I’m still here” She went outside and the light has been turned on ever since. Actually it’s not surprising to think that Uncle Walt is still in the park. After all, its the happiest place on Earth and it would be an honor to think he is still here with us!So, did you like this video? Have you ever seen anything? Tell us in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe and see you next time!