GI Stasis: Save your Rabbit's Life!

by: Hook's Hollands     Published on: 08 February 2018

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EVERY bunny owner NEEDS to know about GI Stasis: the symptoms, treatment, and prevention. Being prepared can make the difference in your rabbit surviving GI stasis. Please establish a rabbit-savvy vet for the care of your bunny and develop a PLAN for how to deal with the symptoms of GI stasis if they occur in your bunny. The suggestions and tips shared in this video are not meant to substitute taking your rabbit to a veterinarian. I am not a doctor and only share these tips to help educate viewers about GI stasis in rabbits.Visit our website at: Adult Complete Bunny Food: SARx Rescue: your rabbit stopped eating and pooping? Is your bunny hunched in the corner, grinding its teeth and won't hop over to see you? Your bunny may be in GI Stasis, a condition where the digestive system slows down or stops. This often happens quickly and can kill your rabbit if not treated promptly. You definitely need to see your veterinarian immediately to help save your bunny. If this is not possible, you can administer oral liquids via syringe and give your bunny a gentle tummy massage until you can see your veterinarian. Unlimited hay, high fiber rabbit pellet food, exercise, and digestive tablets can help to prevent GI stasis from occurring.